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Jimi Yamagishi: Tag my wall

DeAnna Rice

April 30, 2011

TAG YOUR IT! LOL! Great music and Great Site!!!

Fair Winds..

Amanda Bess Best

December 18, 2009

Hi Jimi,
You're so cool. Great to hear you the other night!

Tim Walsh

December 10, 2009

Just heard your voice on the left side of the radio dial--bitchin' radio station I think you would agree.

Tom Kane

October 25, 2008

I am so happy to see that you are still being so creative.My memory is full of great times at TASCAM in and out of the studio.
Outstanding job!
Tom Kane

William Carter

May 21, 2008

Thanks for all that you do for us musicians, and songwriters! You are a bright, innovative guy with a big, big heart! We should ALL help you more than we do!

darren looman

December 28, 2007

how are you this is dorr looman's son i still have the fender strat with the tele neck my dad gave it to me wen i got out of the marine corps in 94

Tim Walsh

March 5, 2007

Hey Man / jimi / sir,

Hope things are going swimmingly for you and yours. Drop me a line or two or three if time permits.

Scope you out later...

Tim W.


July 16, 2006

what's up jimi!! just checkin' in :)))
have a good summer xoxo


Dorr Looman

May 23, 2006

Jimi, we go way back to the Culver City days! Always a friend of mine!

Jon Takemoto

May 15, 2006

Hey Jimi,

Good to hook-up with you after all these years!


April 15, 2006

This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!

Tim Walsh

March 1, 2006

Hola jimyam,

L o v e d The Retro Event!

I'm getting a little complex, because here it is nearly March and there are no new comments beyond mine.Come on people!

Keep the musicry going bro'

TAW aka radar

Timothy Walsh

January 27, 2006

Hola jimyam,
This be Tim and I really like your site.

Cryptic ain't it.

Philasonic aka Baldilocks

December 29, 2005

Hey Jimi,

Just stoppin by to say hi.

I really like the website. It's very clean, and loads fast. Great layout!

Keep up the good work.

Peace, love, unity, and respect.


December 29, 2005

Congrats Jimi -
I hopped over to CD Baby to check out Talkstory trax. Cool CD with really fine production. Particularly liked Talkstory. Looking forward to hearing the live versions at SongNet in '06.

Alex Del Zoppo

December 29, 2005

Cool site, bro! Very thorough, even down to the "estrogen city" pic :)
And I thought I knew a lot about you before!
It's a great way for everyone to find out about your very full past, and keep up to date with your new moves as well.
It's now among my favorites.
Alex Del Zoppo (consider your site: TAGGED)

Dave Osti

December 28, 2005

hi jimi, great soothing site, nice color scheme, im doin a little self cleansing and your great energy helps, ill see ya soon, dave osti.

Hal Cohen

December 27, 2005

Jimi -

I always look forward to your comments on my Myspace page. And DO keep me on your list. I know I can't make most gigs living here on the cold coast, but ya never know when I'll be dropping into the city of angels for a dose of smog and sunshine! --- Oh, and the No. 2 combo at Casa Vega!

David Serby

December 27, 2005

Hey, Jimi -

Cool site. I can't wait to hear the "record"!


Siena & Toast

December 18, 2005

Hey Jimi ~ !!!
what's your mailing address? =)
We have a Christmas card to send you :)
Cool to stumble upon your new site!!!
Happy Holidays to all....

phillip k

December 17, 2005

hey jimi. site looks great!


December 16, 2005

Japanese message:
Doumo Konnichiwa, Jimi-san.
Boku wa anata no CD o kyou uketori mashita. Boku wa sugoku ureshiku, soshite taihen arigataku omoi masu. Makoto ni arigatou gozai masu, Jimi-san.

Boku wa imakara anata no kyoku o kiku tumori desu. Tokorode, CD package wa kanari ii desu ne! Tabun anata no taikaku wa sukoshi dekai deshou ne. Shikashi, anata wa CD no naka de motto dekaku miemasu. OK ja, Boku wa aibou ni anata no CD o atae masu. Aibou wa omise de BGM toshite anata no kyoku o nagasu koto ga dekiru hazu desu. ;)

Tonikaku, arigatou gozaimasu.
Mata email shimasu. Yoi kyuujitsu o.
Your kids would be able to translate this message. But surely this Japanese message would be difficult. :D

I'm sorry. (Japanese test)


December 16, 2005

Hey Jimi-san.
I've just received your GIFT!!!! I'm so glad and I really appreciate! Thank you so much, Jimi-san.

I am going to listen to your songs just now. BTW, your CD's package is so good! Maybe your build would be big a little. But you look more big in your CD. Okay then, I'll give my dear buddy one of your CD I got! Because my dear buddy may turn your music in the shop as BGM. ;)

Anyway, thanks again.
I'll email you again. Have a great hoilday.



December 9, 2005

Get out of town James Brown! LOL Love the site! Many many kudos to you Jimi!!! =D
--Seeji :)

Randy Fukuda

December 8, 2005


Congratulations on all you've accomplished and your great influence and contributions to fantastic song writing. You are part of the cherished fabric that is woven into the tapestry of my life my friend.


Randy Fukuda


December 8, 2005

dude, wtf?


December 7, 2005

Hey Jimi-san. Only one thing to you.
And please create the LINKS contents.


December 7, 2005

Hi Jimi-san.
Congrats on your website!
Very clear & simple site!
It's so impressive! More UP the pics, please! ;D



December 6, 2005

jimi, congrats on the new page
it looks fabulous... all my best
hyde xo


December 6, 2005

Am i the first?
coll pic